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Facility Available At Ashtang Ayurved Good quality ayurvedic medicine Panchakarma treatment Yoga meditation Physiotherapy Acupuncture Garbh sanskar Beauty and spa

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Rakthamokshan Removal of impure blood from body It is useful in curing all type of skin disorders like Ecezema, Scabies, Gout, Uricacid, Herpez, Acne, Pimples, Redness of eyes.

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Leach Application A type of treatment which removes impure blood helps to care skin disease fastlyDoes not have any side effects Can be done at any time by any age of patients.

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Manya Basti Pouring medicate oil over neck Giving a neck massage and followed by steam there after. It helps in curing cervical spondylosis, hand pain, numbness, neck pain, swelling over the neck.

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Janu Basti Pouring medicated oil over knees and giving it a real good massage and steam It is useful in curing knee pain, swelling of knees, osteoarthritis, Ligaments injury etc.

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Hridaya Basti It improves heart functions, relaxes heart muscles, improves blood pumping.

Swedana :- (Medicalted Steam) After massage medicated steam is given to the patient so that the oil gets absorbed into the body. It proves to be helpful in curing joint pains, obesity, skin disorders, paralysis, spondylosis helps in proper blood circulation.

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Kati Basti Pouring medicated oil over the lower back followed by special massage It is useful in spondylosis slip diseases, Leg Pain Swelling of Leg

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Panchakarma Bashti Treatmant It is usefull to care Paralysis, Knee pain, Slip Diseases, Constitation, Ostrotorosis, Ladies Menstrual Problems, Asthama

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Shirodhara It is highly useful in treating Paralysis, Convulsion memory loss Dfficulti in sleeping, Stress Anxiety, Depression etc