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Swedana :- (Medicalted Steam) After massage medicated steam is given to the patient so that the oil gets absorbed into the body. It proves to be helpful in curing joint pains, obesity, skin disorders, paralysis, spondylosis helps in proper blood circulation.
Rakthamokshan Removal of impure blood from body It is useful in curing all type of skin disorders like Ecezema, Scabies, Gout, Uricacid, Herpez, Acne, Pimples, Redness of eyes.
Vaman Medicated vomiting medical are given which helps to vomit cough and toxins from th body
Diabetes is a disease, which slowly damages almost every vital organ of our body. It is extremely essential to gain complete control over it.Commonly it is believed that impaired insulin secretion is the only disorder in diabetes & controlling blood sugar levels is the only treatment of Diabetes, unfortunately that’s not all.Ayurveda, the ancient Indian System of medicine has described this problem with minute details covering many other aspects that must be treated along with increased blood sugar. with a treatment that covers each and every aspect of this disease.